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What We Do


I work for you.  If you want to save money on your health plan premium cost, I have a solution for you.  If you want a plan that includes your doctor, I can deliver.  If you want the lowest cost coverage for the prescription drugs you take, I have the plan.  If you want the maximum protection for your retirement assets, I can make a viable recommendation.  If you are eligible for extra help paying for your Part D drug plan, I can assist you with enrollment.


But this is just the beginning.  If you need it, I will help you after you submit an application for coverage.  What if you don’t receive your membership card on time?  What if you changed doctors to enroll in your plan, but it’s not working out?  What if your plan won’t pay for a service you think should be covered?  I can advise you how to get the service you deserve and exercise your rights.


Also, you should review your coverage every year in October when your plan announces premium and benefits for the coming year.  It’s my business to know what changes are being made to your plan and what other options are available.  I can objectively recommend an alternative that may be better for you.  I already know what you want.  You can consult me before you consider making any changes or meeting with other agents.  I pledge always to recommend the option that I believe is best for you, even if it is not in my portfolio.





Note:  Medicare has neither reviewed or endorsed this information.