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About You

I look forward to getting to know you so that I can be sure to make the best recommendations for your health insurance needs.  Maybe one of these descriptions fits your situation:


You’re Turning 65

You are turning 65 soon.  You have some decisions to make about your Medicare benefits.  Should you purchase a Medicare Supplement plan?  What are the costs and benefits?  Should you also purchase a part D prescription plan?  Which one has the best coverage for your current prescriptions?  What about Medicare Advantage?  Will you have to use only certain doctors and hospitals?  Which ones?  Can you save money and get good care this way?


You’re a Caregiver

You are looking for better health coverage for an aging parent or relative.  What are your options?  Do you help your parents with their decisions about matters like this?  Who can you talk to?  Who can you trust?


You Have a Medicare Supplement

You enrolled in a Medicare Supplement plan some years ago.  But the premium rate has gone up a lot.  Should you try a lower cost Medicare Supplement or a Medicare Advantage plan?  Which one will give you the most financial protection at the lowest premium cost?  Will your doctors and prescriptions be covered?  If you don’t like the plan can you go back to your Medicare Supplement?


You’re Enrolled in a Medicare Advantage Plan

It’s October and you just found out your plan is raising copays or premiums next year.  What other plans are available?  Can you switch?  Will the new plan have your doctors?


You’re On a Limited Income

It is hard to make ends meet.  Have you applied for Extra Help with your Part D plan?  Maybe you are eligible for Missouri Rx, a program that pays part of your costs for prescription drugs.  Maybe you could enroll in Missouri Health Net (Medicaid).  How do you find out about these benefit programs?


You’re Covered by a Retiree Health Plan

You are fortunate to have a retiree health plan through your former employer.  But your cost for premiums, deductibles and coinsurance is getting high.  Should you drop your plan and enroll in a Medicare Advantage or Supplement plan?  Can you get back on your retiree plan if you change your mind?


You’re Coping with Chronic Illness

Bad enough to be coping with illness, but your medical costs are eating you up too.  Have you heard about Special Needs Plans, a type of Medicare Advantage plan for people with certain chronic illnesses?  You may be able to save money and still get excellent care.


You’re On Medicare Disability

You are enrolled in Medicare by reason of disability.  What are your options to help reduce your costs after Medicare pays?


You Have Original Medicare Only

You can’t afford, or don’t want to pay for, additional coverage beyond Medicare.  But one or two illness episodes could really harm you financially.  Also, you may have to pay more for a Part D drug plan if you delay enrollment.  What should you do?


These are typical situations for Medicare beneficiaries.  Does one of these fit you?  Is there another we should hear about?  We would very much like to.





Note:  Medicare has neither reviewed or endorsed this information.